Find a mate. Have offspring. Control offspring. Survive. Grow your tribe. Throw poop to destroy poachers.

Everything is procedural. GOAP for procedurally simulating tribe AI behavior. Procedural animations for ape movements. Each level is also procedurally generated. Each ape even has its own unique genes, but I didn't have time to implement a GUI to display the genetics.

Space bar = Try to seduce nearby apes, throw bananas or poop (at mouse position)
E = Eat stuff
WASD = Move
L Shft (Hold) = Sprint

Each ape can only pair with one other ape. (Monogamy!) But if your partner dies, you can find a new one. Only couples who are well fed will have kids. Once kids come of age they can partner and have kids of their own. But they will not partner with brothers and sisters (no incest!) so lead them to potential partners for mating. Apes will die of old age. Player controls heir upon death.

TIP: Hungry apes in your tribe will signal where to find food. It's not very explicit (sorry!), but you can see them trying to move toward the food. Ultimately they follow the player so it's up to you to lead them there.

Known issues:

  • Restart from menu doesn't work. Please reload the browser. Sorry!
  • Passing control to heir doesn't work in some cases. Still investigating.


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nice game and I think music fits very nice

Good Game, but your menu doesnt really work

Yeah, I'm sorry the Restart button doesn't work. Please reload the browser if you lose. Appreciate you giving this your time.